Maersk Postpones Methanol Ship Order Amidst Design Concerns


  • Maersk, the world’s second-largest shipping company, has reportedly delayed an order for 15 methanol-powered container ships from a Chinese shipbuilder due to concerns over design drawings.
  • This decision underscores the importance of design quality and technology in the competitive landscape of high-value vessel construction.

Maersk’s decision to postpone the order came after objections to the design drawings submitted by Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding and Shipping Corporation (CSSC). While the specifics of the design issues remain unclear, industry insiders suggest that the drawings failed to meet Maersk’s standards, prompting the delay.

Implications for the Industry

The postponement of the methanol ship order highlights the significance of design technology and quality control in shipbuilding. With liquefied natural gas (LNG) and alternative fuels like ammonia and methanol gaining traction as future ship fuels, shipbuilders’ capabilities in this area are becoming increasingly crucial.

Korean Shipbuilding Advantage

The incident also sheds light on the competitive dynamics between Korean and Chinese shipbuilders. Korean shipbuilders, known for their expertise and high-quality standards, may have an advantage in securing orders for methanol-powered vessels, as demonstrated by HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ announcement of the world’s first methanol-powered container ship.

Industry Outlook

While Chinese shipbuilders have been dominant in methanol-powered vessel orders, Maersk’s decision suggests that carriers may prioritize operational stability and design quality, potentially tilting the scale in favor of Korean shipbuilders. This case underscores the importance of technological innovation and adherence to client standards in the shipbuilding industry.

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Source: Business Korea


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