Maersk Ventures Into Charter Market Ahead Of Independence


Maersk is preparing for an early termination of its 2M partnership with MSC by reinforcing its fleet, most recently fixing two 13,100 teu charters, says an article published on loadstar website.

Chartering Strategy Amid Changing Alliances

Maersk is proactively strengthening its fleet, hinting at a potential early termination of its 2M partnership with MSC. The carrier secured two 13,100 TEU charters, collaborating with non-operating shipowner Danaos to lease Hyundai Ambition and Hyundai Speed for 34 months from June next year at a daily hire rate of $51,500.

History Of Chartering Dynamics

Originally chartered to Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) for 12 years, these vessels became part of the 2M-H Strategic Alliance when HMM joined forces with Maersk and MSC in 2016. Subsequently redelivered to HMM in 2020 after it became a full member of THE Alliance, these ships highlight the dynamic nature of alliances and partnerships in the container shipping industry.

Market Dynamics And Charter Sector Strength

Despite the dominance of ultra-large container vessels (ULCVs) in key trade routes, Maersk’s forward-chartering move underscores the ongoing strength in the charter sector. Alphaliner anticipates robust rates for vessels in the 7,500-13,000 TEU range, emphasizing the limited supply and extensions observed for smaller vessels.

Contrasting Views On Oversupply Concerns

While concerns persist about oversupply in the container business, the charter market tells a different story. The charter sector remains stable, with demand staying resilient even as the industry enters the traditional slower season. Maersk Broker and Braemar report a positive sentiment, noting renewed demand for larger ships and a slowdown in the downward trend of charter rates.

Industry Nuances And Future Dynamics

Maersk’s strategic chartering decisions and the overall buoyancy in the charter market challenge assumptions of widespread oversupply. The container shipping industry appears to be navigating nuanced dynamics, with chartering strategies adapting to changing alliances and market demands.

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Source: load star