Maersk’s Specialized Warehouse Only For EV Batteries?


Batteries are definitely a special case. Not only do you need to protect them from extreme temperatures to prevent pre-sale degradation, but they also need to be protected from discharge, puncturing, and catastrophic fires. Maersk, a well-known global shipping company, seems to know all this, and a recent announcement shows that it is taking it to heart, reports Clean Technica.

About the warehouse

Maersk, a well-known global shipping company, seems to know all this, and a recent announcement shows that it is taking it to heart.

With the recent opening of a 14,000-square-meter warehouse specializing in handling batteries for electric cars, A.P Moller-Maersk is expanding its horizons as a preferred logistics partner for Central European automotive manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Just a stone’s throw away from car manufacturers and suppliers in not only the Czech Republic, but also Eastern & Southern Germany, Teplice is located in the northern part of the Czech Republic. The batteries can quickly and easily be transported by train from popular ports, including Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Koper, and Rijeka. Additionally, Teplice has great access to Czech and German highways so that distribution to nearby automobile production sites is speedy and reliable — usually only taking a few hours.

“We are an experienced and trusted partner in transportation and logistics for automotive customers,” said Leah Offutt, Maersk Central South Europe Managing Director. “Our processes are widely audited and approved by car makers and OEMs. We are thrilled that we are taking the next step now with this special warehouse, offering dedicated services for electric car batteries right in the heart of the Czech and German car maker clusters.”

The warehouse is fully equipped with safety features to ensure the electric car batteries are handled properly. In addition to thermal monitoring cameras and in-rack sprinklers throughout the warehouse, the space will be divided into four fire-resistant compartments. The special warehouse not only offers repacking services, but also in-depth quality controls, charging of the batteries, and other value-adding services along automotive supply chains.

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Source: Clean Technica


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