MAIB’s 2019 Safety Digest Focuses on Crew Safety and Experience Assessment


This year’s Safety Digest by the U.K. Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) issu presents a wide range of lessons learned from a variety of marine accidents and highlights the key factors that cause an accident, from weather conditions to the human error, reports Safety4Sea.

Drawing Attention to Crew Safety & Life Jacket Importance

This issue of Safety Digest includes lessons learned from maritime accidents.

In its introduction, Andrew Moll, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents comments that there is always something new to learn in the Safety Digest. Also, as he informs, the majority of the articles in the Fishing Section is about incidents where the crew played a vital role in either resolving the situation or reducing its consequences. Moreover, this edition  is calling seafarers and everyone onboard a vessel to wear a lifejacket and addresses the importance of safety equipment and safety measures.

Assessing Prior Experience

Andrew Moll highlights that

“You cannot always prevent bad things happening, but dealing with them effectively can help prevent a drama from becoming a crisis”

In the introduction, Andrew Moll refers to his memory of the past, when he was training to become a boat instructor. As he reports, their teacher told them that it was important to assess the abilities of the students right at the start of the course, and that a good way to do this was during the opening session to invite everyone to introduce themselves and say a bit about their boating experience.

It is rather difficult to acknowledge how much value one can place for themselves. The teacher suggested one simple method for assessing prior experience that was, simply, to quietly invite anyone who might perhaps be overselling themselves to coil up a discarded rope. The teachers theory was that ‘a good seaman would instinctively coil up and secure unused lines. In doing so, they would not just be tidying up’. 

His ethos was that professionalism and safety go hand-in-hand. I think he was right … concluded Andrew Moll.

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Source: Safety4Sea