Maindeck: Streamlining Drydock Operations


Maindeck, a subsidiary of UniSea, has emerged as a game-changer in the maritime industry with its innovative software solution for technical project management. From ship drydocking to project cost management, Maindeck’s software streamlines processes and enhances efficiency for ship management companies worldwide.

Wanta Shipping Adopts Maindeck for Technical Projects

Dubai-based tanker management company, Wanta Shipping, chooses Maindeck after a rigorous trial to manage its technical projects, including ship drydockings. The software’s ability to handle diverse tasks, from selecting shipyards to generating progress reports, proves instrumental for Wanta Shipping’s comprehensive shipping services.

Neptune Lines Partners with Maindeck for Fleet-Wide Drydock Management

Neptune Lines, a leading car and truck carrier operator, partners with Maindeck after a successful trial on Neptune Galene. Maindeck’s software facilitates the preparation of project specifications, comparison of shipyard quotations, and efficient cost management. With plans to implement Maindeck across its fleet of 21 carriers, Neptune Lines solidifies its commitment to enhanced project management efficiency.

AquaShip Chooses Maindeck for Vessel Drydockings and Technical Projects 

AquaShip, a prominent player in aquaculture vessel operations, commits to using Maindeck for drydocking and technical projects across its fleet of 10 vessels. Maindeck’s acquisition by UniSea further strengthens its position as a trusted solution provider in the maritime industry, catering to diverse segments like aquaculture with its comprehensive project management capabilities.

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Source: riviera