Making Sustainable Maritime Shipping Choices

Credit: Ian Taylor/ unsplash
  • Brand Ambassadors help protect blue whales and blue skies.
  • Several companies have joined the Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies Program’s Brand Ambassador team of sustainable shippers.
  •  It’s an initiative that helps pave the way for lower emission shipping, cleaner air, safer whales. 

Brand Ambassadors ship their products with cargo carriers enrolled in the Blue Whales and Blue Skies Program, a voluntary Vessel Speed Reduction program created to reduce the environmental impacts of maritime shipping along the West Coast.

Eco Friendly Approach

Being a Brand Ambassador is an easy way to help reduce ship strikes to endangered whales, air pollution, and regional greenhouse gas emissions while highlighting a company’s commitment to sustainable shipping. There’s no cost to be part of the Brand Ambassador initiative, and companies that ship with participating carriers are already eligible to join. “We believe in the impact sustainable products and eco-friendly approaches can have on the environment” said Vinson Xia, Associate Director of Operations, Way Basics.

Historically, brands that rely on ocean freight have little information about the regional environmental impacts of the ships carrying their products. The Brand Ambassador Initiative addresses this knowledge gap by providing brands with data pertaining to their cargo carriers’ vessel speeds and the resulting environmental benefits as they reduce their speeds near coastal communities in California. Just like cars, vessels traveling at reduced speeds are more efficient, emitting fewer greenhouse gasses and harmful air pollutants. 

Blue Whales and Skies Program

“Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies” program is a collaborative effort by Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District; Ventura County Air Pollution Control District; Bay Area Air Quality Management District; Channel Islands, Cordell Bank, and Greater Farallones national marine sanctuaries.

It works closely with ship operators along the West Coast in seasons and locations where reduced speed maximizes environmental benefits with minimal effect on shipping schedules. Through the Brand Ambassador Initiative, companies interested in reducing the impact of their supply chain receive data on the reduced speed efforts of their cargo carriers and the resulting decrease in air pollutants, greenhouse gasses, ship strikes and ocean noise. This information can be used to educate consumers purchasing their products and inform future shipping decisions.

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