Making the World’s Greenest Battery Not Far Away, Northvolt CEO


  • In the new episode of ABB Decoded, Northvolt founder and CEO Peter Carlsson tells how Northvolt aims to revolutionize global battery manufacture, from a European base
  • Carlsson identifies custom battery and energy-storage solutions as being significant areas of opportunity
  • Sustainability and circular economic relationships with customers identified as vital for long-term success

The latest episode of ABB’s technology-focused podcast features Peter Carlsson, founder and CEO of Northvolt, an ambitious European battery manufacturing start-up founded on principles of sustainability and zero-carbon energy storage solutions.

Enabling efficient start-up and operations

Pre-Northvolt, Carlsson was a key member of the leadership team that oversaw the transition of Tesla from start-up to disruptor of the global automobile industry. He also worked in executive positions for Sony Ericsson.

Both roles, he says, have informed his vision to make Sweden-headquartered Northvolt a challenger to the Asia-dominated battery manufacturing market, while guiding his belief that a large-scale green battery maker is essential to meet the spiralling demands of the global automobile industry, as it transitions to the production of battery-electric vehicles from those powered by internal-combustion engines.

ABB became Northvolt’s first partner in 2017, when Northvolt chose ABB’s Plant Optimization Methodology to help fast-track project execution with integrated electrification, instrumentation, control and digitalization (EICD) solutions to enable efficient start-up and operations.

Tackling the challenge of global warming

Northvolt’s Ett factory is 100 per cent powered by locally sourced renewable energy and by 2030 it aims to have 50 percent of new battery content recycled from used batteries.

Said Carlsson: “What is unique with the company is that we are very clearly aimed to build the world’s greenest battery and to take the carbon footprint of our products as close to zero as possible. The reason why we started the company is we’re really trying to solve a big problem and that is the global problem of global warming, and the increasing amount of carbons in the atmosphere. So really driving products that are as carbon-neutral as possible became a really big mission.”

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Source: ABB