MAN Develops Cylinder Bypass for Gas Engines


The MAN Diesel & Turbo has developed a new cylinder bypass function enabling ME-GI engines to continue running on LNG even when an individual cylinder misfires.

Currently, if a LNG cylinder misfires, the system automatically switches the engine to burn only fuel oil. This method however increases fuel costs.

However, the new development allows the faulty cylinders to be bypassed while the rest of the engine continues to run on gas. The engines developed by MAN have featured cylinder bypass previously, but this is the first time the function has been offered in gas mode.

Test engine to be launched:

The company has been involved in developing the system over the past six and will reportedly launch the test engine within this year.

René Sejer Laursen, ME-GI promotion manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo, told “The company hopes to deliver an engine with the new safety concept in the first half of 2019. The new atomiser design could reduce pilot fuel consumption to around 1.5% or lower. It will gain its first at-sea reference on a new build LNG carrier that will shortly take delivery of an ME-GI engine”.

Atomiser to be developed:

The MAN is also geared up to begin the testing of a new atomiser that could further reduce the amount of pilot fuel burned by ME-GI engines in gas mode. The new injection module, which employs smaller outlets to spray less pilot fuel, has already been tested on a test engine.

The company has reportedly accumulated around 6,000 hours of operation on its current injection valve design. The design was reworked after the original nozzle developed cracks because of rapid pressure and temperature changes.

The new design has been incorporated into the cylinder cover to protect it from the highest temperatures of the combustion zone.

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Source: The Motor Ship


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