MAN Diesel & Turbo re-enters High Speed Engine Market with 175D.



In the seaport of Frederikshavn in Denmark, MAN operates a center of excellence for researching and developing combined and integrated propulsion systems.  In addition, Frederikshavn is a service location where ships’ diesel engines are repaired and maintained around the clock.

175D prototype engines were first designed and started in 2013 in the High Speed test centre, Frederikshavn.  They were initially made to suit the needs of commercial shipping ferries, offshore supply vessels, tug boats with medium speed engine and which has been tailor made for maritime use.  Now, they aim to relaunch production of high speed engines aimed at tugboats and particularly offshore vessels as a driving force for the thrusters which control the positioning of offshore vessels.

MAN Turbo and Diesel is proposing to start the mass production of these engines in their Denmark’s facility in the town of Frederikshavn in the North Jutland region  from 2017; stated CEO, Dr Uwe Lauber.  He also added that Denmark, as the location for production was chosen motivated by the goal to create a high quality product.

Targeting tugs and offshore, Mr. Uwe Lauber explained that engines of this calibre and performance ability were normally developed to suit the needs of mining equipment or locomotives and would later be adapted for maritime purposes as well.  MAN has designed and developed this compact engine which is easy to retrofit and easy to service even in engine room spaces that are normally cramped.  The engine is so developed that it would blend in with and allow for future installation of SCR-catalysts too.

With the compact size and powerful performance, MAN hopes naval and yacht markets could be their potential customers.

Project Manager Dr. Matthias Schlipf  was confident that the unit would attain capacity to produce a three-digit or even a four-digit number of units per year.  Production in Frederikshavn will start on a test basis from the beginning of 2016.

Source: MAN Diesel & Turbo