MAN Energy Discusses Decarbonization Challenges and Opportunities Ahead of 2020

Ahead of Marintec China Seatrade Maritime talks to MAN Energy Solutions about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with IMO 2020 and decarbonisation and how the engine maker is positioning to help its customers with these challenges, says an article published in Seatrade Maritime News.

The MAN team will be at Marintec China 2019, which takes place in Shanghai from 3-6 December and celebrates its 40th anniversary, and the company shares plans for the event which has attended since it started.

Heading into 2020, what are the major challenges for the shipping industry?

Pan Ke 潘科-两寸_480x640_300DPI (002).jpgPan Ke, Head of Four-Stroke Marine Sales & Projects, MAN Energy Solutions, China, says: “Of course, the first is the IMO limits on sulphur content in fuel, followed by digitisation and interconnectivity with ships, which will require equipment suppliers like MAN Energy Solutions to be well prepared in order to support the fleet and optimise the management and monitoring of engine and systems performance.”

Jesper Gram, Head of PrimeServ Technical Service, MAN Energy Solutions, China, says: “The trend is decarbonisation, which is creating an even higher demand in regards to fuel flexibility, this will push development on newly designed engines as well as retrofit solutions on ‘older’ engines.”

Simon Zhang, Head of PrimeServ Sales, MAN Energy Solutions, China, adds: “Safety operations for ships equipped with scrubbers will also be key, along with combatting higher operation costs.”

How will MAN help the industry to overcome/understand these challenges?

Pan Ke says: “As market leader, MAN Energy Solutions is focused on the diversification of fuels application on engines, especially for two-stroke ME-GI engines.”

Simon Zhang says: “For shipowners who plan to have Scrubber installation, MAN offers ‘SOx Scrubber Engineering Services’ to ensure an optimal engine performance;


Jesper Gram says: “MAN will be the solution provider in the market, we have many of the solutions ready today and more will be developed in the future in close cooperation with our customers and loyal partners”

What opportunities are there in 2020 and ahead?

BUL-Sun Quan (002).jpgSun Quan, Head of Two-Stroke Marine Low Speed Sales & Promotion, MAN Energy Solutions, China says: “MAN Energy Solutions has developed the ME-GI, ME-GIE, ME-LGIM, ME-LGIP dual-fuel engines and possibly ‘ammonia as marine fuel’ will put into our product portfolios near future. All these technologies will contribute to marine market and provide customer a very wide fuel selection flexibility for 2020 after.”

Jesper Gram adds: “Interesting times are ahead, regulation and environmental awareness are driving development forward and the need for new compliant solutions are needed in the industry. MAN as market leader in the industry has a high responsibility of providing these solutions to the market, which include retrofit solutions from MAN PrimeServ as well as new engine types”.

What are MAN’s objectives for 2020 – for the domestic China region and rest of world?

Simon Zhang 张少敏_两寸_480x640_300DPI (002).jpgSimon Zhang says: “To work even closer with ship owners and be a complete solution provider, to be a fast responder and LTSA service provider for customers. For example, to take the advantage of the  Free Trade Zone as the exchange service base (MAN equipment and OminiCare servicing) for the China region and worldwide customers for efficient, economical and professional service.”

Jesper Gram says: “Looking forward, owners and makers needs to work even closer together in finding the right and compliant solutions as one solution with not fit all. MAN will be the loyal partner with our knowledge, know-how and solutions that are second to none, including hybrid solutions and ME-GI dual-fuel retrofits.”

Looking back at 2019, how do you feel the industry evolved – especially with such significant 2020 deadlines in mind (Sulphur Cap etc)?

Pan Ke says: “Not many choices can be applied in terms of compliance with IMO sulphur 2020.

Either using fuel with sulphur content < 0.5% m/m, scrubber, LNG or other fuels with less sulphur, to satisfy requirements. MAN Energy Solutions is especially focusing on engine development with more fuel flexibility, including LNG.”

Simon Zhang states: “It is observed that ship owners and market do not really prepare well for the challenge of the 2020 deadlines, as a leading company in the marine industry MAN takes it as our duty to work closely with ship owners to stand up to the challenge;”

Jesper_两寸_600x800_300DPI (002).jpgJesper Gram says: “The market in general has been in doubt as to the correct, overall strategy for sulphur compliance. This has been observed in both the newbuilding and after-sales market. MAN has been ready with the solutions but, in general, these are again linked to the operators’ strategy of being sulphur compliant. MAN Energy Solutions as market leader will, as always, be a loyal partner to guide our valued customers to the right solution at any time.”

Has the industry done enough to prepare?

Here, Simon Zhang and Pan Ke agree: “Not really well prepared across the whole marine industry, but MAN Energy Solutions is already in an advanced position to develop marine technology focusing on low emissions, and de-SOx and de-NOx solutions, dual-fuel engine applications, battery propulsion systems, multi-fuel applications in ME-GI , etc. The entire situation is a challenge but also an opportunity for MAN.”

Jesper Gram adds: “After-treatment equipment comes at a cost, but should give lower expenses in operation, compared to operation on compliant fuel. It is a study of CAPEX and OPEX with many uncertainties, so many operators have and are still keeping an eye on the market. Ultimately, the industry will be compliant, it is only a question of OPEX.”

This is the 40th anniversary of Marintec China.  As a loyal supporter of this iconic event, please share with us why this is such an important platform for business in this region?

Pan Ke says: “As one of the big three main shipbuilding industry countries, which extends to the whole marine supply chain domestically, China is playing a more and more important role in the global marine market. Marintec China is now an important platform for engaging all stakeholders to focus on the concepts of innovation, intelligence and fusion, which fits with MAN Energy Solutions’  strategy as well.”

Jesper Gram says: “The platform brings opportunities to meet our customers and loyal partners in an environment where customers and partners will measure us against competitor’s options and solutions. It gives us honest and valued input from our customers and partners, as well as giving us the opportunity present the uniqueness of our solutions.”

Can you share with us how many of the Marintec China events you have participated with?

MAN Energy Solutions has had licensees in Asia since the 1920s and has attended Marintec since the very beginning.

In December 2019, you will be with us again.  Can you tell us a little about your plans for this edition? What can we expect for see from MAN – either on the stand or from the conference programme?

At our Marintec stand this year, we plan to showcase our spectrum of solutions for marine engines and after-sales. Our stand personnel will include experts from our Low-Speed and Medium-Speed business units who can help with advice on emissions and dual-fuel solutions, among other things. Our PrimeServ After-Sales division will also have staff present to talk about maintenance solutions, including a new initiative, PrimeServ Omnicare – a solution for MAN-branded and non-MAN branded machinery; and to introduce PrimeServ Assist, our remote monitoring service.

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Source: Seatrade Maritime News