MAN ES Reaches Milestone In Engine Testing

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MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) has reached a new milestone as its research engine successfully conducted combustion with ammonia at the company’s research centre in Copenhagen, says an article published on Offshore-energy.

Two-stroke engine

This milestone was revealed in the company’s brief social media update on 6 July.

According to MAN ES, tests will continue in the coming weeks and months to document and explore the combustion process in the two-stroke engine.

Carbon-free fuels

Bjarne Foldager, Head of Two-Stroke Business, noted that “interest in the breakthrough has been overwhelming.”

“We provide the technology. The industry has the will to implement. Now it’s up to the International Maritime Organization to establish clear regulation that ensures the maritime industry is not penalized for choosing carbon-free fuels like ammonia and methanol,” said Foldager.

System for liquid injection

MAN ES aims to have a commercially available two-stroke ammonia engine by as early as 2024, followed by a retrofit package for the gradual rebuild of existing maritime vessels by 2025.

MAN ES started working on a B&W two-stroke engine operating on ammonia back in 2019 with a pre-study of the fuel supply and injection concept combined with several hazard and hazard and operability studies (hazid/hazop) together with classification societies, shipowners, yards, and system suppliers.

The general design of the engine is expected to inherit the main features of the well-known LGP supply system for liquid injection.

Marine applications

Ammonia is emerging as one of the most promising fuels for marine applications being a carbon-free fuel.

Based on recent data from Clarksons’ Green Technology Tracker, 48% of overall orderbook capacity is now alternative-fuelled when compared to 11% in 2017 with 191 ammonia “ready” ships on order.

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Source: Offshore-energy


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