MAN Launches ‘Future-Proof’ Engine


MAN Energy Solutions has launched the latest ’future-proof’ addition to its four-stroke portfolio, says an article published on Riviera.

Four-stroke engine

It launched its MAN 49/60DF engine type at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg.

The latest addition to its four-stroke engine portfolio, the dual-fuel engine is capable of running on LNG, diesel and HFO as well as a number of more sustainable fuels including biofuel blends and synthetic natural gas.

Future fuel

MAN Energy Solutions member of the executive board, Wayne Jones OBE, told the press conference at SMM, “We still have still uncertainty about what the future fuel could be, so our proposal in launching this engine is to make it future-proof… the biggest thing now is about doing something quickly.”

Future developments

MAN Energy Solutions head of four-stroke marine and license Marita Krems said cruise ships and ropax ferries are among the main target audience.

She said, “It allows for gas and diesel today and can be a platform for future developments like methanol. It maximises efficiency and best-in-class efficiency and that is what we are proud of.”

The engine is available in 8-18 MW.

Upgraded to methanol

MAN Energy Solutions sales manager marine four-stroke marine Thomas Huchatz explained it is first available as a dual-fuel engine whereby it can run on LNG and diesel, or bio and synthetic fuel.

Next year, MAN will launch a diesel, methanol and LNG-ready version, which can be upgraded to methanol or LNG.

He said, “Starting with diesel, you are on a good path to upgrade to methanol in the drydock.”

Safety and control system

Benefits include a 4% improvement in energy efficiency compared with current MAN and comparable engines and its power by cylinder goes up 13%.

Ms Krems said, “To summarise, it is a future-proof investment.”

Mr Huchatz said, “It is a great mixture of new technologies and existing technologies. The safety and control system has been upgraded and there is the possibility of remote diagnostics.”

Gas-injection system

The 49/60DF is based on the new 49/60 engine platform that features MAN’s latest technologies, including two-stage turbocharging, second-generation common-rail fuel injection, SaCoS5000 automation system and MAN’s next generation Adaptive Combustion Control ACC 2.0 that automatically sets combustion to optimum levels.

The engine also retains existing MAN technologies such as the gas-injection system, pilot-fuel-oil system and MAN selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

Fuel-flexible design

Soot emissions are halved in diesel mode due to MAN’s new common rail system 2.2, while the 49/60DF’s methane emissions are also drastically reduced in gas mode compared with its predecessor.

The engine’s benchmark efficiency and fuel-flexible design offers multiple paths to emissions compliancy leading up to 2050, as per the current Fuel EU draft.

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Source: Riviera


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