Man Records Each Twitter Meme In Case “The Ship Goes Down”

Credit: Alexander Shatov/Unsplash

Nobody would likely be surprised if Twitter suddenly vanished one day given the way things are currently going there.

Bizzare memes

Thanks to Nathan Allebach, we would still have a record of all the bizarre memes that are posted on the site even if that were to happen.

The creative director has been updating a Google document with all of Twitter’s most well-known memes since 2019.

For the unlikely event that “the ship goes down,” he has been maintaining the paper.

“Those who don’t know their meme history are bound to rememe it,” he wisely tweeted.

The 31-year-old shared his 105-page long document on Twitter on Sunday (13th November) in amongst Twitter’s never-ending series of dramas.

‘If the ship goes down you can hold onto these overused jokes as a treat,’ he wrote.

One people started to stumble across his work, the self-described walkable communities aficionado was hailed as a ‘historian’.

‘This is amazing; it’s like taking a trip down memory lane,’ another commented.

Another wrote: ‘Okay, we’re all cracking jokes at the death of this platform to hide the fact that we’re all walking through the stages of grief right now and desperately finding ways to connect beyond here.’

‘But jokes aside, this is magnificent; what a labour of love! I’m astounded and grateful.’

Twitter has spawned countless memes and trends over the years as people around the world use it as a platform to respond to breaking news and other events.

It remains to be seen if that endures after the overhaul Elon Musk is attempting to implement.

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Source: Metro


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