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Dr. Al Hussein: towards the establishment of specialized academic institutions in the maritime sectors

Nautical Institute and All Offshore sign an agreement to explore heads of terms for the purpose of exploring the implementation of the DPDeskTime System

The second edition of MARACAD 2016, the Maritime Academic Conference and Expo, was concluded last Wednesday 21 September 2016 at Dubai International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

This event, which was held in Dubai for the second time, included participation by experts in maritime transport, and academics representing several well-known maritime academies and institutions.  The assembled experts highlighted the importance of strengthening the role of the human element in the shipping and offshore industries, and the investments in technology needed to serve those sectors.

The conference witnessed discussions on several vital maritime issues relating to maritime education and training, in addition to issues of concern to the shipping community, such as environmental sustainability, and LNG as the future of maritime fuel.

The Director General of Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime Transport, the Official Sponsor of MARACAD, HE Dr. Abdullah Salem Al Kathiri said in his speech, that the participation of the Authority in this event highlighted the experience and advanced position of UAE as a pioneer state in the development of the maritime education and training sector.

Al Kathiri added: “At this moment, the maritime economy makes a direct contribution of about 5% to the country’s total economy, but this could rise to perhaps 25% through establishing national companies that will lead to the launching of the country maritime legislation and offer a range of services such as maritime education and marine industries, insurance, finance, classification societies, ship owners, operators and other success factors in any global maritime sector.”

Al Kathiri stressed that MARACAD is a strategic platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions on the best ways to address the emerging challenges that obstruct the development of maritime education and training, adding that the organization of this event had come at the right moment, when the importance of investments in human resources is increasing; such resources are the fundamental pillars to power the growth of the maritime sector locally and regionally.

He expects that this event will contribute in expanding the horizon of maritime education and training, and “activate joint work between consulting economic offices in maritime academies, maritime authorities, banks, marine services companies, and national and international funding institutions to develop the infrastructure of maritime education and training, which is attracting remarkable interest as a major contributor to shaping the future of the maritime industry in the world”.

Strategic partnerships

In her speech, Dr. Alia Al Hussein, Director General of Cham Events (the organizer) said: “The second edition of the International Maritime Academic Conference & Expo MARACAD 2016 underlines its strategic importance on all levels, whether locally, regionally or internationally.  It is a unique event; the first event of its kind worldwide that aims to encourage a constructive dialogue and establish solid strategic partnerships that propel education and maritime training to new levels”.

“In this year’s edition, we have focused on the human element engaged in all aspects of maritime industry, and the importance of nurturing it through education and training. Founding academic institutions specialized in maritime fields and encouraging graduates to apply to various maritime studies has become a necessity” Dr. Alia added.

She concluded: “We are confident that the recommendations concluded by this event will have a significant impact on bringing about the desired change, not only in developing innovative education and training methods, but also through implementing it in all educational institutions, and shipping companies.”

Sustainable growth

In his speech, MARACAD Conference Director, Capt. Hussam Suyyagh, identified the fact that MARACAD this year focused on bringing the latest developments into the most important segment in the maritime industry, which is the human element.  The need, he said, is to create a template for the framework of best practices which are available in the market today, by the joint efforts and hard work of both the public and private sectors.

Capt. Suyyagh said: “We decided this year to ensure that our sessions covered all other sectors, which stand together with training and development in order to reach to the optimum level of satisfaction for participants.  And by doing so, this year, the MARACAD committee has nominated and recognized ten categories to be awarded for their greatest accomplishments in related fields”.

He added: “We have decided this year, drawing on the work of the conference sessions path that took in other marine topics which stand side by side with the theme of training and development, to demonstrate a high level of maturity in our coverage.  In doing so, the MARACAD Committee included ten categories for award grants for achievements in themes relevant to the conference objectives.”

MARACAD 2016 concluded with an awards ceremony, where the leading maritime and offshore companies were honored after award categories were assessed by a jury comprising qualified and experienced regional and international maritime members.

The following is the list of winners:

  1. Maritime Compliance Award: Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime Transport.
  2. The Efficient Company in the Graduation of Maritime Leaders Award: Kuwait Oil Tanker Company.
  3. Leadership in Technical Maritime Training and Simulation Award: Abu Dhabi Ports Company.
  4. Maritime Technological Innovation Award: All Offshore.
  5. Maritime Initiative for Creativity Award: Dubai Maritime City Authority.
  6. Maritime Academic Improvement Award: Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies.
  7. Shipbuilding Development: Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company.
  8. Students Choice for Maritime Education Award: King Abdulaziz University
  9. Maritime Classification Regulatory Services: TASNEEF
  10. Ports Management and Services Award: DP World.

Heads of Terms

During MARACAD, Capt. John Lloyd, COO of the Nautical Institute, the leading body associated with Dynamic Positioning Officer qualifications, and Steve Sandrecott, Offshore DP Consultant, All Offshore, a technology based risk management company, signed heads of terms for the purpose of exploring the implementation of All Offshore’s patent-pending DPDeskTime system as one potential method to integrate technology into the management of DPO records.

The Nautical Institute and All Offshore are working together to develop standards for the collection and verification of the DP time and an electronic log book.  The heads of terms starts the process of investigation into how technology could be more effectively utilized to serve the Dynamic Positioning community, and how the collection of robust and impartial data can be used to verify aDPO’s employment history and experience, fully complying with the current standard. 

The project will also explore potential improvements that can be gained for human factor management, ongoing operational support and accurately documenting onboard training with positive feedback that benefits all stakeholders, the leading DP certification body, the ship owner, the charterer and the DPOs themselves.

This cooperation is investigating ways in which improvements can be made to the accuracy of data and the ongoing professional development of the DPOs.

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