Maren Schroeder Presented With 2023 Industry Leader Award

Credits: @MwaniQtr/Twitter

The 2023 Chemical & Product Tanker Industry Leader Award was presented by MarFlex Europe corporate manager technics Peter Raaijmakers to Stolt Tankers managing director Maren Schroeder on the first day of the International Chemical & Product Tanker Conference, says an article published on Riviera

Outstanding achievement

The Industry Leader Award, kindly sponsored by MarFlex Europe, is recognition from peers of outstanding achievement in the sector.

Quiet revolution

Stolt Tankers president Lucas Vos said in a video tribute, “I am in the happy situation that Maren is part of my team. She has been (managing director) for just over a year, and there has been a quiet revolution going on in my team.”

He added, “She is a natural leader and is so considerate in every decision that she takes.”

Chemical carrier industry

Ms Schroeder represents the new generation of leaders in the shipping industry and has developed significant influence over the chemical carrier industry.

She has become a leading advocate for presenting the chemical and product tanker’s unique situation when it comes to the Carbon Intensity Index (CII).

Accidental marine spills

Ms Schroeder has also joined the board of ITOPF Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in preparedness for and response to accidental marine spills.

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Source: Riviera