Maritime Forecast to 2050


To tackle decarbonizations’ ultimate challenge of carbon-neutral fuel availability, supply chains must be built through cross-industry alliances, says a press release on DNV website.

Zero-emission fuels

As the entire world seeks to decarbonize, the maritime industry is owning its part in ensuring our greener future.

The search for the best alternative fuel options and technologies have started. But available energy sources, needed to produce zero-emission fuels, must be used sensibly and with considerations and collaboration beyond maritime.

Updated outlook

This year’s Maritime Forecast to 2050 presents an updated outlook on regulations, drivers, technologies and fuel availability.

Fuel-mix scenario

From that a new and extended fuel-mix scenario library has been created, with each scenario describing a possible future fleet composition, its energy use and fuel mix, and emissions to 2050.

The library can be applied to our updated Carbon-Risk-Framework and support shipowners in their decision making.

Future carbon-neutral fuel

The future carbon-neutral fuel mix has not yet been decided.

However, to supply several of the carbon-neutral fuel options, the supply chains will need to change dramatically.

Being flexible as a shipowner remains key to taking advantage of future fuel availability.

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Source: DNV


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