Maritime Giant Confirms 1,000 Ships Affected By Ransomware Attack

Credits: Towfiqu Barbhuiya/Unsplash

DNV, a Norwegian shipping classification society, has confirmed its systems were hit by a ransomware attack, affecting around 1,000 ships that rely on its technology, reports Government Technology.

Cyber-attack on DNV

The company, based in Oslo, Norway, reported that the attack occurred on Jan. 7. The target was its ShipManager software, a fleet management program used by 300 customers on a total of 7,000 ships. ShipManager is used to monitor the operational, technical and compliance features of a fleet. DNV is working with law enforcement on an investigation of the incident and therefore declined to share details with news outlets.

At this time, the company believes that no other DNV servers were affected in the attack. Fortunately, the hack has not interfered with the affected vessels’ ability to operate. DNV spokesperson Margrethe Andersen told TechCrunch that the crews could still use the ShipManager software’s offline functions while onboard the ships.

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Source: Government Technology