Maritime Industry’s Take On ‘The Future Fuel-2035’


  • Riviera maritime recently posted a pole regarding which fuel the industry will most favour by 2035.
  • The result doesn’t come as a shock to anyone regarding  green fuel transition.
  • The Maritime media’s aim now is to conduct these polls every so often and post the results.

In the Riviera Maritime Media webinar, A new era of marine fuels: what it means for engines, ship management and lubrication, delegates were asked, “By 2035, industry will mostly favour the following fuel”


This question was reported on LinkedIn and drew the following results: LNG 41%; methanol 28%; ammonia/hydrogen 19%; biofuel 13%.

According to these results, among the shipping industry, LNG is expected to become the fuel of choice by 2035. This may not come as too much of a surprise, given LNG is currently one of the favored transition fuels for newbuildings.

Growing awareness

The shock result was the strong showing of methanol, which is only just beginning to become a prominent transition fuel and for which there is clearly a growing awareness among the industry.

The aim now is to repeat this poll every quarter and post the results.

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Source: Riviera