Maritime Performance Services Hub Established by LR


  • LR has announced the creation of a new Maritime Performance Services (MPS) Hub in South Europe.
  • It aims at supporting shipowners and operators to improve the sustainability and efficiency of their operations, thereby enhancing their competitiveness.
  • The launch underpins LR’s global strategy to support its clients to address two key challenges.
  • LR is keen to reduce business and operational risk and increase operational profitability, through a combination of professional services and software solutions.

A Lloyd’s Register news source says that LR launches Maritime Performance Services Hub in South Europe.

What is the role of MPS Hub?

The MPS Hub will act as an umbrella of the recently launched Decarbonisation Advisory Centre and Nettitude cyber-security operations centre, offering the full portfolio of LR’s advisory and software services, enabling clients to improve their environmental performance, facilitate fleet management and optimise the efficiency of their vessels.

Cutting-edge technical knowledge

A dedicated local team of experts with cutting-edge technical knowledge and rich experience of LR’s integrated digital platforms will provide a wide-range of professional services – from technical advisory, fuel testing, condition assessment programmes to emissions modelling capabilities – while support from cloud-based platforms will offer valuable insights for fleet management and fleet optimisation, tailored to specific client needs.

Theodosis Stamatellos, Regional Manager

Theodosis Stamatellos, LR South Europe Marine and Offshore Regional Manager, said: “The Maritime Performance Services Hub will provide our South Europe clients with access to aggregated human expertise and digital intelligence, offering efficiency enhancements, cost savings whilst safeguarding operational safety. These are all significant factors in any decision our clients will make to maintain sustainable shipping operations, during this decade of change.”

Andy McKeran, LR Maritime Performance Services Director

Andy McKeran, LR Maritime Performance Services Director, commented: “The new South Europe MPS Hub underpins our global strategy to address the key business challenges of our clients and support safe, sustainable and efficient operations. We have chosen to start this initiative in Greece given the influence of its shipowners and operators in successfully navigating maritime industry trends. With uncertainty around the investment decisions that may be required in the decade ahead, a trusted guide is vital and LR takes immense pride in the strong relationships we have with Greek shipowners and operators and we look forward to supporting their competitiveness as they address future challenges.”

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Source: Lloyd’s Register


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