Maritime Sector Embraces Low Carbon Future With Shore Power Solutions


  • Manta Marine Technologies (formerly Yara Marine Technologies) has completed onboard shore power installations for three Finnlines vessels, demonstrating the maritime sector’s commitment to reducing emissions and transitioning to a low carbon future.
  • These turnkey solutions are expected to gain popularity as more shipowners seek to enhance their environmental credentials.

Manta Marine Technologies has successfully installed and commissioned shore power systems onboard three Finnlines vessels, signaling a significant step towards a low carbon future in the maritime sector. These initiatives align with Finnlines’ commitment to decarbonize its fleet and minimize its environmental impact on shore-side communities.

Finnlines’ Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Thomas Doepel, Finnlines’ Deputy CEO, emphasizes the company’s dedication to meeting strategic environmental goals by implementing initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental footprint. Partnering with Manta Marine Technologies underscores Finnlines’ commitment to leveraging innovative solutions like shore power to achieve its sustainability objectives.

Role of Shore Power in Emission Reduction

Ina Reksten, CEO of Manta Marine Technologies, highlights shore power as a valuable tool for shipowners seeking to improve their vessels’ environmental performance. The successful collaboration with Finnlines exemplifies the positive impact of shore power solutions in reducing emissions and enhancing green credentials within the maritime industry.

Collaborative Installation Process

Manta Marine Technologies’ skilled shore power team collaborated closely with Finnlines to ensure seamless installation and minimal vessel downtime. The comprehensive approach involved preparatory work, detailed design, and power transfer trials, demonstrating the efficacy of the shore power systems in real-world conditions.

Efficiency and Future Prospects

Carl Fredrik Erikson, responsible for Manta Marine Technologies’ Shore Power Project Management, discusses the efficiency of the installation process and anticipates shorter delivery times for future projects. However, Erikson acknowledges the potential challenges posed by increased market demand for retrofit installations, emphasizing the importance of innovative engineering solutions to meet global fleet needs.

Successful Project Implementation

The successful commissioning of shore power systems onboard the Finnlady, Finnmaid, and Finnstar underscores the feasibility and effectiveness of these solutions in reducing emissions and supporting environmental sustainability goals. As more shipowners consider retrofit installations, Manta Marine Technologies remains poised to address growing demand with its proven engineering expertise.

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Source: Sea News