Maritime Security Updates: Vigilance Advised In High-Risk Areas


  • Recent incidents and ongoing security assessments highlight the importance of enhanced vigilance for ships anchored in high-risk areas.
  • The ReCAAP ISC has issued advisories and recommendations to address these concerns.

Recent Incidents at Dumai and Phu My Anchorages

Two incidents of piracy occurred recently: a CAT 3 incident at Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia, on May 25, and a CAT 4 incident at Phu My Anchorage, Vietnam, on May 29. These incidents underline the need for ships to maintain a heightened lookout and exercise caution while anchored in these regions.

Downgrading Threat Levels in the Sulu-Celebes Seas

Due to successful military operations by the Philippine Government, the threat level for crew abduction in the Sulu-Celebes Seas has been downgraded from ‘MODERATE’ to ‘MODERATE LOW’. This reduction reflects a perceived decrease in the capability of perpetrators to conduct attacks. However, ships transiting this area are still advised to remain vigilant and adopt preventive measures.

Updated ReCAAP ISC Advisory and Recommendations

Following the threat level downgrade, ReCAAP ISC has updated its advisory. Ships transiting the Sulu-Celebes Seas should exercise extra vigilance and report any incidents immediately to the Philippine Operation Centres and Malaysia’s Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM). Masters and crews are encouraged to follow the Regional Guide 2 to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia, ensuring all incidents are promptly reported to the nearest coastal and flag States.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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