Maritime Workshop Battles Modern Slavery

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•In order to fight contemporary slavery in the maritime sector, Stella Maris starts workshops.

•Individuals are given the tools they need to spot incidents of modern slavery at sea and take appropriate action.

•The vulnerability of seafarers and fishermen to exploitation makes preventative measures necessary.

Workshop Series: Combat Modern Slavery

The launch of a cutting-edge workshop series around the United Kingdom has been announced by Stella Maris, a well-known maritime charity that promotes the welfare of seafarers and fishermen around the world.

Recognizing and addressing modern slavery

Through education and assistance for victims and survivors, these workshops seek to equip people to recognize and address instances of modern slavery in the marine sector. They also hope to increase public awareness of this pressing issue.

Alarming Trends and Seaborne Vulnerability

According to the International Labour Organization’s most recent report, forced labour has increased by an alarming 10% since 2016, a trend that Stella Maris chaplains around the world have taken notice of. Fishers and seafarers are particularly prone to exploitation since they frequently spend long stretches away from their families and may be left alone on boats. Stella Maris is aware of this urgent problem and is acting promptly to address it.

Essential Tools to Fight Modern Slavery

Stella Maris has created extensive courses that provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to recognize the warning signs of modern slavery and respond appropriately to possible cases thanks to funds provided by the Department for Transport through the Merchant Navy Welfare Board. The seminars, which are led by a panel of specialists, concentrate on important issues like identifying signs of exploitation, reducing risks, comprehending new dangers and trends, and getting survivors access to support systems. Additionally, attendees will have the chance to hear first-hand testimonies from survivors of modern slavery.

A Collective Effort to Improve Maritime Safety

“We are extremely proud to launch these workshops as part of our ongoing commitment to improving the welfare of seafarers and fishers,” said Tim Hill MBE, CEO of Stella Maris, of the program. The modern marine industry in the UK has no room for forced labour or modern slavery. “We can contribute to the creation of a safer environment for those who work at sea by enabling people to identify and address occurrences of these crimes.”

Aiming Front-Line Port Employees

Front-line port workers, including ship visitors, ship operators, port officials, law enforcement organizations, and other stakeholders who work with seafarers and fishermen, are welcome to attend the sessions. The workshops will be hosted in six different cities across the UK: Liverpool, Bristol, Hull, Glasgow, Portsmouth, and Belfast in order to guarantee accessibility and maximum coverage.

Working Together for a common impact

Stella Maris is adamant that the marine industry needs to join in the fight against modern slavery. The foundation seeks to inspire a network of advocates inside the industry who will work together to address this serious issue by providing front-line staff and volunteers with the essential knowledge and skills.


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Source: The Maritime Executive