Marlink Expands ITLink Portfolio With OS Updates For Remote IT Compliances


A recent news article published in the Riviera states that remotely updating IT operating systems improves ship cyber security.

Smarter vessel operation

“Achieving the kind of efficiency gains and compliance reporting required for safer, smarter vessel operations means the full embrace of IT enablement by ship and shore on equal terms,” said Marlink president for digital Nicolas Furgé.

“Owners and ship managers who want to take digitalisation to the next level can use ITLink to secure their remote operations, reduce vessel visits, save costs and let their crew focus on key tasks. It is a complete solution for smarter shipping.”

New standards of cyber awareness

IMO regulations require new standards of cyber awareness and processing on board ship and third-party vetting systems. For tanker owners, these requirements are to stricter standards.

Out-of-date operating systems can cause serious issues with performance and user experience and are highly vulnerable to cyber threats.

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Source: Riviera


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