Massive Haul of Cocaine Discovered by Ship Floating at Sea



A Danish transport ship unexpectedly became embroiled in a massive drug-smuggling case earlier this month while making its way up the North Sea off the coast of Belgium.

What happened?

According to reports, the Danish ship which remained anonymous to safeguard its crew – came across 25 floating sports bags filled with cocaine in waters near the Belgian city of Oostende.

Massive haul:

Totally, the bags contained 1,250 kilos of cocaine, with a street value of over 60 million euros.

Investigation under way:

According to the Belgian media, the narcotics haul come from Colombia and local police believe the bags were dropped into the sea by a South American ship.

Empty bottles were tied to the bags to make them float, and the police believe that they were due to be picked up by smaller vessels.

Source and destination of narcotics remain unknown:

“Which ships the narcotics come from and who was supposed to pick it up is part of the investigation,” Frank Demeester, a lawyer from the prosecutor’s office in Brugge.

“No specific ships are under suspicion at the moment. It is known that cocaine smuggling often takes place via South America, but in this case it has yet to be proven”.

Shipment destroyed:

The massive drug shipment was immediately destroyed after being found to be too risky to store such a large amount of cocaine.

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Source: The Copenhagen Post


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