Master Diverts Ship Citing COVID19 Mental Strain!



  • The China Dawn was enroute from Brazil to Singapore when the ship suddenly changed its course to India.
  • The master of the ship cites mental strain he and his crew had faced during this protracted period in sea.
  • After a prolonged discussion for a period of 48 hours the owners and charterers had agreed for vessel diversion.
  • The afarmax is owned by Hong Kong’s Nan Fung Shipping.

Sam Chambers writes for Splash 24/7 in a recently published article about the master of a ship  who has diverted the ship citing mental strain he and the crew had faced.

The captain’s woes

The captain expressed the stress he and his seven member crew had faced during their stay in sea, beyond the contract period. He was quoted by Hong Kong’s Sunday Morning Post saying ” We are stuck at sea, we are prisoners at sea”.

The latest Seafarers Happiness Index Report states that ” There is a sense of dread and paranoia creeping in.  Seafarers are not only dealing with normal cargo operations but also coping with precautions, sanitising and living under a constant fear of infection “.

Thanks to corona virus for it had led to travel restrictions across the world. As a result most of the crew working in ships had to stay for a longer period in ships.

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Source: Splash 24/7


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