Crew Attacks & Kills Ship Master!


According to media reports, tragedy struck on a panamax containership in Colombia, where the master of the ship was attacked and killed by the crew.

What happened?

  • Master of container ship SPIRIT OF HAMBURG, docked at Cartagena Colombia, was reportedly, killed by crew on board, understood on Apr 16, or during the night Apr 16-17, according to local news radio station RCN Radio.
  • Radio was told by the police, that there was conflict between 12 Filipino crew and 51-year old Burmese Captain, which ended up in a fight.
  • Police so far, aren’t sure as to how it all happened, because there are language problems and discrepancies between seamen narrative and facts police already has.

Pertinent Questions

If confirmed this tragic accident leaves us with most important questions – what triggered conflict and murder, and is it related to coronavirus mess, crew change delays, and growing tension among crew members?

Official Statement

As per the official statement released by Cartagena Ship Management,

Managers Zeaborn Ship Management regret to advise that in the afternoon of 16 April 2020 one of its valued seafarers of its managed container vessel Spirit of Hamburg has suffered fatal injuries following what is believed to be a violent incident with an intruder onboard the ship in the port of Cartagena, Colombia.


Condolences & Support to the Kin

Zeaborn Shipmanagement would like to express its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the seafarer. The next of kin of the crew member have been notified and will be offered full support in this very difficult time.

Psychological Help for the Crew

The crew of Spirit of Hamburg will be receiving psychological help following the tragic death of their colleague.
Immediately after the incident all relevant authorities and parties have been notified. Representatives of the company have arrived in Cartagena for further support to the crew.

Exact Circumstances Unknown

The exact circumstances of the violent incident are yet unknown and police have started an official investigation into the events and conducted interviews with the crew of Spirit of Hamburg.

In order to not interfere with the investigation of the local police Zeaborn Shipmanagement will refrain from making any further statements at this stage.

Vessel To be Moved for Anchorage

Authorities in Colombia have meanwhile granted permission for the vessel to move from berth to inner anchorage.

Crew Due for October Release

Zeaborn Ship Management is aware of social media reports circulating that the crew would be of Filipino nationality. This is incorrect. We would like to add that three senior officers are one month beyond their contractual relief date, but they are showing great professionalism in making the best of the current relief/repatriation restrictions. All other crew are due for relief between now and October

Crime By Crew Members Not Outsiders?

Latest updates from Colombia leave out nationality of crew members who allegedly, killed Master in the afternoon Apr 16, but Cartagena Attorney General’s Office in official statement to local media confirmed the crime was committed by crew members, not by outsiders.


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Source: Fleetmon


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