Mauritius, A Strategic International Bunkering Supplier And Hub



Mauritius is an important shipping base for South and westbound shipping routes. About 300,000 ships passing the Indian Ocean or heading toward Africa, utilize Mauritius’s ports annually. Ports of Mauritius already offer special port tariff for bunkering operations.

Mauritius has thus come under the scanner as a potential hub for international bunkering activities. The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) announced on 8th September 2015, Tuesday, their plans of hosting a four-day event in Mauritius. Come October, the event will be useful to explore new business opportunities for bunkering in Mauritius. The event will also offer basic bunkering training for the region, as well as update the local shipping audience with current and relevant legal and business issues. Peter Hall, the IBIA chief opines that Mauritius poses a significant potential to be a bunkering supplier and hub. He is also quoted to have said “The Mauritian Government is committed to developing its maritime economy, seeing it as an important driver of economic growth and is keen to create new opportunities across all sectors.”

During the upcoming London International Shipping week, the IBIA announced in August, the focus will be on bunkering with new fuels such as LNG.

Source: IBIA


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