Mawani’s Cargo Surge: April 2024 Highlights


Cargo Throughput Tonnage

During April 2024, the ports of the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) handled 27,107,961 tons of cargo, reflecting an increase of 8.58% compared to April 2023 (24,965,272 tons).

Container Statistics

The statistics of handled containers reached 557,681 TEUs, marking a decrease of 19.54%, compared to 693,087 TEUs last year. Transshipment containers also decreased by 53.49%, reaching 123,194 TEUs, compared to 264,870 TEUs in 2023.

In the same vein, the statistics for exported containers recorded an increase of 3.72%, reaching 216,504 TEUs, compared to 208,741 TEUs in the same period of 2023, while the statistics for imported containers decreased by 0.68%, reaching 217,983 TEUs, compared to 219,476 TEUs last year.

Cargo Breakdown

The total general cargo reached 839,368 tons, solid bulk cargo reached 4,108,494 tons, and liquid bulk cargo reached 16,075,089 tons.

Meanwhile, the ports recorded an unloading rate of 657,815 cattle heads, marking an increase of 43.54% compared to 458,280 head of cattle in the same period in 2023.

Maritime Traffic

Furthermore, maritime traffic featured a decrease of 8.27%, reaching 910 ships compared to 992 ships in 2023, while the number of passengers recorded a decrease of 35.85%, reaching 55,277 passengers compared to 86,175 passengers last year.

The number of cars also decreased by 30.55%, reaching 69,788 cars compared to 100,480 cars in 2023.

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Source: Container News