Mein Schiff 7: Pioneering Methanol-Powered Cruising


Milestone for Environmental Technologies

Meyer Turku, a prominent Finnish shipyard, has announced the delivery of the cutting-edge cruise ship Mein Schiff 7 to the German cruise company TUI Cruises. This delivery marks a significant milestone in the cruise industry’s pursuit of environmentally friendly technologies.

Mein Schiff 7’s journey from ceremonial steel cutting on June 14, 2022, to delivery demonstrates Meyer Turku and TUI Cruises’ efficiency and partnership.

Tim Meyer, CEO of Meyer Turku, expressed pride in the timely delivery less than two years after the inaugural ceremony, showcasing the successful collaboration between the two companies.Mein Schiff 7 is the first in the Mein Schiff fleet designed specifically for methanol propulsion, setting a new benchmark for sustainable cruising. Although it is initially powered by low-emission marine diesel, the ship is equipped to switch to methanol, which is expected to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Auramarine Methanol Fuel Delivery System

Equipped with an Auramarine methanol fuel delivery system, the ship’s propulsion power is positioned to become nearly CO2 neutral with the eventual adoption of green methanol.

In addition to being methanol-ready, Mein Schiff 7 prioritizes environmental conservation through various measures.

These include a shore power connection and catalytic converters, which reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by almost 75%, demonstrating TUI Cruises intends to use the vessel’s methanol operations as an educational experience for future conversions in its existing fleet.

Mein Schiff Relax: The Next Step

The company’s dedication to environmentally responsible techniques extends to its planned initiatives, including the launch of Mein Schiff Relax, an LNG-powered cruise ship scheduled for 2025.

Mein Schiff 7’s delivery reflects a broader industry trend of using alternative fuels like methanol in maritime shipping.

Other cruise lines, including Disney Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line, are exploring similar options, indicating an overall shift toward greener practices in the cruise industry.

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Source: Marineinsight