MEO Gains Industry-First Cyber Notation

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MEO Group has achieved a world first by securing a cyber-security notation from a classification society for its new crew boats, says an article published on Riviera.

Fleet of five

Bureau Veritas has awarded its Cyber Managed Prepared notation for a fleet of five new executive crew boats being built by Penguin Shipyard International in Singapore.

The first of these, Express 101, was delivered in May, while others will follow in 2023 and 2024.

Malicious cyber attacks

MEO Group is taking steps towards protecting its vessels from potential cyber threats and preserving business continuity, after it identified its crew boats are becoming prime targets for malicious cyber attacks.

Bureau Veritas Cyber Managed Prepared notation provides a road map to build cyber-managed vessels, including protecting onboard computers against unauthorised access, misuse, modification, destruction or improper disclosure of the information generated.

Implement the necessary measures

“We take the safety and security of our vessels, crew and clients seriously, and this achievement shows our commitment to keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape,” said MEO Group chief executive Darren Ang.

“We will continue to implement the necessary measures to ensure the ongoing success of our operations and maintain the trust of our clients and charterers.”

Robust cyber-security

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore vice president for southern Asia and Pacific, David Barrow highlighted the importance of cyber security for vessels and shipping.

Cyber-security framework

“As shipping enters the digital era, vessels are becoming more connected,” he said. “Having a robust cyber-security framework is essential for safe, secure and resilient shipping operations.”

Smart journey

Mr Barrow explained the role of the class society and the notation.

“Our role is to partner companies with our technical expertise and knowledge of the highest industry standards, to help them progress in their smart journey with the confidence the right safeguards are in place to protect their systems.”

Oil and gas crew 

Penguin International has invested more than S$60M (US$45M) on expanding its shipbuilding facilities in Singapore and Batam and is growing its own fleet of oil and gas crew boats in Malaysia.

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Source: Rivieram


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