Mercedes Launches S-Class of the seas – SuperYacht


MERCEDES started making waves in speed boats industry with a £1.2million super Yacht  that shares the same sleek lines as its ­luxury cars. It looks like a Mercedes-Benz car but floating on water, may likely become a must-have toy for the super-rich.


The 46ft Arrow460-Granturismo pictured off the French Riviera is the first of ten being built in partnership with Silver Arrows Marine.

Technical data of the Arrow460-Granturismo

Total length 14.14 metres
Maximum displacement 13.58 tonnes
Drive system 2 Yanmar 6LY3-ETP diesel engines, each rated at 353 kW (480 hp)
Cruising speed 28 to 30 knots (in calm seas)
Top speed 40+ knots (with light load)

Design category

Class B

Interior Nubuck leather, eucalyptus wood panelling, ice machine, windows that automatically tint in sunlight, and a wine cellar and an audio system
Cost £1.2-million
Availability Just ten boats will be made at first, and only one sold per country
Carries Up to ten people

Silver Arrows Marine chairperson Ron Gibbs told Luxurious Magazine: “By ensuring that the yachts all go to different countries we can guarantee that just one individual in each country will be able to say, ‘I am the first captain of the first Silver Arrow of the Seas’.”

Reservations are now being taken.  Mercedes-Benz has also developed a helicopter, the interior of a private jet, and home furnishings.

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Source: Daimler


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