Meriaura’s Sustainable Shipping Investment


Meriaura, a Finnish shipping company, has recently announced a significant investment in constructing two new Ecotrader vessels, slated for delivery in January and December 2026. These vessels, designed to achieve the lowest possible emission levels, represent a continuation of Meriaura’s commitment to sustainable shipping practices.

Expansion of Sustainable Fleet

The new Ecotrader vessels, approximately 30 per cent larger than their predecessors, are a strategic response to market demands and customer needs. By increasing vessel size, Meriaura aims to enhance economic efficiency while reducing transport operations’ environmental impact. These vessels will operate on biofuel derived from recycled raw materials, further aligning with Meriaura’s sustainability goals.

Accelerating Carbon Neutrality Targets

Meriaura’s investment in carbon-neutral shipping aligns with the International Maritime Organization’s goal for carbon-neutral shipping by 2050. However, Meriaura’s climate strategy sets an even more ambitious target, aiming for carbon neutrality as early as the 2030s. By systematically renewing its fleet with energy-efficient newbuildings and utilizing bio-oil combined with compensation measures, Meriaura is poised to accelerate progress towards its sustainability objectives.

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Source: Offshore Energy