Merlin Group Orders Dry Cargo Ship

Credit: Alonso Reyes/Unsplash

Inland navigation shipyard Concordia Damen is to build a ‘Type CDS443’ container ship for ID Shipping and Merlin Group with an updated hull shape which contributes to a 20% improvement in fuel consumption, says an article published on Bunkerspot.

Shipping entrepreneur

The vessel, which will operate on the River Rhine, measures 135 x 14.20 m and is the first of this type to feature an improved version of an existing hull shape.

Merlin Group, a company of Dutch inland shipping entrepreneur Jan Kleine, is set up as a ‘participation company’ which means that every vessel in the fleet is a joint endeavour between Merlin and a partner.

Expanding its fleet

With a fleet of currently 9 vessels Merlin Group mainly operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and it says it is now expanding its fleet ‘to put its sustainability aspirations into practice.’

Efficiently designed

Danny van Deurzen, co-owner of ID Shipping, commented: ‘The energy transition is in full swing and we think we should actively be involved. This “next generation” ship fits well with that ambition.

‘Thanks to the efficiently designed hull shape, we will soon consume up to 20% less fuel and thus also emit less CO2 and other substances.’

Full-electric propulsion

The vessel features diesel-electric propulsion but Concordia Damen is constructing the vessel so that it is prepared for full-electric propulsion.

The vessel is expected to enter service later this year.

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Source: bunkerspot


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