MERS: The new Coronavirus alert in Philippines


The second case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has been confirmed in Philippines.


The Philippines Health Officials have confirmed that a 36 year old man from Dubai is tested positive of MERS and quarantined near Manila last Saturday.  MERS is caused by Corona virus and includes common cold and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS).  The virus can possibly be spread with the droplets of infected person through cough or sneeze.  There is no specific treatment or vaccination for this disease.

The health authorities have revealed that a middle aged man originally from Middle East flew to Manila from Dubai.  Last Thursday he began showing symptoms of MERS and on Saturday he was admitted at the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine in Muntinlupa city, about 30km (18 miles) south of Manila.  There he was tested and reported positive after which he was isolated.  The authorities are now examining 200 people who came in contact with the infected person and one of them is found to show symptoms and is already been quarantined.

The World Health Organization reports that since September 2012, it has recorded 1,365 confirmed cases of Mers worldwide, including 487 Mers-related deaths.  Asian countries are on alert for cases of the flu-like virus since an outbreak in May in South Korea, where 33 people have now died.  South Korea has had 186 confirmed Mers cases, with 907 people under quarantine as of Monday.

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