Meta’s Vision for Metaverse is An ‘Old Idea’ That ‘Never Worked’


  • Phil Libin is the former boss of Evernote and is now CEO of videoconference company Mmhmm.
  • He told Insider he’d tried out Horizon Workrooms, Meta’s VR meeting software, and wasn’t impressed.

When tech founder Phil Libin donned his Oculus VR headset to try out Meta’s first metaverse product, he was hoping it wouldn’t be terrible, reports Business Insider.

I had a very, very strong feeling that it would suck, but I went into it with as much hope as possible that I would be pleasantly surprised,” Libin said in an interview with Insider.

Tolerable only for a few minutes

He and his employees at videoconference company Mmhmm, where he is CEO, were trying out Meta’s Horizon Workrooms product. Horizon Workrooms lets people use VR headsets for virtual work meetings in the so-called metaverse.

Libin said his gut instinct turned out to be correct. “It was only tolerable for a few minutes,” he said.

He believes that using VR for meetings is less enticing than familiar technologies such as Zoom, where people can still do real-world things like drinking a cup of coffee. “Can’t do that with a giant plastic thing on my face without spilling hot coffee all over myself,” Libin said.

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Source: Business Insider


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