MFA To Encourage Collaboration Among Bunker Suppliers


Marine Fuels Alliance (MFA) a newly launched bunker organization aims to encourage greater collaboration between physical bunker suppliers, including small and medium-sized companies, says an article published in Manifold Times.

Supports, Promotes and Connects

The MFA has a tagline of ‘Making Connections’ and a mission statement of ‘Supports, Promotes and Connects’.

Thompson said, “As the mission statement suggests, the MFA aims to Support its members by providing more efficient access to critical resources and advice; Promote by coming together under a collective umbrella and providing the scale and reach needed to be able to access all parts of the globe; and Connect by providing members with a platform to better collaborate, share knowledge and collectively raise standards.”

He further added, “The MFA has many specific aims, which will be made public in due course and on which it intends to take decisive actions for the general good of the marine fuel supply industry and its stakeholders.”

The MFA also includes an advisory group made up of prominent individuals from the buying/ship operating community, as well as banking, credit, insurance, technical, technology, renewable fuels and other sectors all of whom share a vested interest in the improvement and advancement of the industry.

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Source: ManifoldTimes



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