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MFAME’s visitors and readers are top maritime industry professionals who are always on the lookout for services and solutions for daily shipboard problems. 

MFAME is committed to keeping our readers informed and updated on the latest maritime trends, regulations, innovations, as well as the most recent equipment, technologies, and future market trends. 

Our dedication to providing timely and relevant information allows us to serve as a valuable resource for maritime professionals seeking to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

What Can MFAME Offer to you?

MFAME provides advertisers the opportunity to reach unique and key decision making personnel. New content is added daily including shipping insights, industry news, interviews, and product announcements, exclusive podcasts and videos.

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Our daily email newsletter offering the latest industry news and updates. Align your marketing message with editorial content to reach MFAME Daily News subscribers.

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MFAME Newsletters

Daily Newsletters can carry your ads too. 

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