Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Is Now Broadly Available

Credit: Hitesh Choudhary/Unsplash

This evening, Microsoft announced the broad availability of its Azure OpenAI Service, which enables companies to use large-scale AI models like GPT-3.5, DALL-E 2, and Codex to power their apps, as reported by Venture Beat.

Ethical AI

Accessibility is “limited to clients that fulfil and adhere to the norms for responsible and ethical AI principles that Microsoft has developed and published,” states a news release (linked here). Before being granted access to the service, customers must submit an application detailing their intended use case or application.

ChatGPT is coming soon

“ChatGPT is coming shortly to the Azure OpenAI Service, which is now generally available,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tweeted alongside the news. “We help clients apply the world’s most sophisticated AI models to their own business imperatives.”

“We’ve learnt a lot from the ChatGPT research preview and have been making critical updates based on user feedback,” OpenAI tweeted along with the news. Our API and Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service will soon support ChatGPT.

However, neither Microsoft nor OpenAI made any more comments regarding the second major rumour, which is that Microsoft is considering making a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, which it already made a $1 billion investment in January 2019.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service debuted in November 2021

In November 2021, Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service had its invitation-only debut. Companies have applied the service to advanced use cases, such as customer support, customisation, and deriving insights from data utilising search, data extraction, and categorization, according to a news release.

Additionally, Microsoft uses the Azure OpenAI Service to power its own products, such as the recently unveiled Microsoft Designer, which uses natural language prompts to create content, Power BI, which uses GPT-3 to automatically generate formulae and expressions, and GitHub Copilot, which aids developers in writing better code.

The models in the OpenAI API family are powered by Azure’s central computing infrastructure. “Microsoft, and particularly Azure, don’t receive nearly enough credit for the items OpenAI launches,” tweeted OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in December 2022. They put forth an incredible amount of effort to make it happen, and we are very appreciative of the relationship. They have created the world’s best AI infrastructure.


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Source: Venture Beat