Microsoft Intensifies Layoffs And Eliminates Over 1,000 Employees


  • Technology behemoth Microsoft laid off around 1,000 employees this week across several divisions, the fresh in a string of layoffs by top tech companies.
  • The software giant did not give a number for the latest round of layoffs.

A recent news article published in the MSN states that Microsoft continues layoffs, fires nearly 1,000 employees.

Third round of retrenchment

Since July, this is the third round of retrenchment at the company. In July the company said it had plans to cut a number of jobs, impacting less than 1 per cent of its total workforce. The software maker major had sacked nearly 1 per cent of its 180,000-strong workforce across offices and product divisions in July as part of a part of a regular restructuring.

“Today we had a small number of role eliminations. Like all companies, we evaluate our business priorities regularly, and make structural adjustments accordingly,” the company said in a statement.

The software giant did not give a number for the latest round of layoffs. However, the US-based news website Axios, reported that the tech major has given the pink slips to nearly 1,000 employees.

Of late, large tech companies such as Meta Platforms, Twitter among others have slashed jobs and put a brake on new hiring in recent months amid increasing macroeconomic headwinds and a growing risk of recession.

Citing data compiled by Crunchbase, ET earlier reported that more than 32,000 workers in the US tech industry across Big Tech firms, including Microsoft and Meta had been sacked off in mass job cuts till late July.


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Source: Splash 247


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