MISC’s Commitment to Sustainable Maritime Finance

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In a significant achievement for sustainable financing in the maritime sector, MISC Berhad has been honored with the Sustainability-Linked Deal of the Year award for its innovative $527 million Senior Secured Term Loan. This recognition reflects MISC’s dedication to sustainability and its pioneering approach to environmentally responsible maritime investments. The misc source.

  • MISC Berhad receives the Sustainability-Linked Deal of the Year award for its $527 million Senior Secured Term Loan dedicated to ethane carriers, recognizing its commitment to sustainability in the maritime industry.
  • The 11-year sustainability-linked loan, MISC’s first, incorporates environmental and governance key performance indicators, aligning with the company’s sustainability goals.
  • MISC’s President & Group CEO, Captain Rajalingam Subramaniam, highlights the importance of industry collaboration and a responsible transition to cleaner solutions while expressing gratitude for the award and reaffirming the company’s dedication to decarbonization efforts.

Recognition for a Sustainable Milestone

MISC Berhad (MISC) has been honored with the Sustainability-Linked Deal of the Year for Asia by Marine Money, a prominent global maritime finance publication. This accolade recognizes MISC’s pioneering efforts in sustainability through its $527 million Senior Secured Term Loan, which is dedicated to the acquisition of six Very Large Ethane Carriers.

MISC’s Debut Sustainability-Linked Loan

The 11-year sustainability-linked non-recourse term loan marks MISC’s inaugural venture into sustainability-linked financing. Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia played a pivotal role as the Structuring Bank, collaborating with other lenders to develop the loan structure. It incorporates key performance indicators related to environmental and governance aspects, aligning seamlessly with MISC’s long-term strategic vision and sustainability objectives.

A Visionary Commitment to Sustainability

Captain Rajalingam Subramaniam, President & Group CEO of MISC, expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the collective effort that made this achievement possible. He stressed the importance of collaboration between financial institutions and the shipping industry to drive a purposeful and responsible transition. Captain Subramaniam reiterated MISC’s dedication to accelerating decarbonization efforts and transitioning to cleaner solutions in a responsible manner.

MISC’s Ongoing Environmental Stewardship

Marine Money’s award underscores MISC’s unwavering commitment to advancing environmentally responsible practices within the maritime sector. The company continues to invest in cleaner technologies, emissions reduction initiatives, and community engagement, reinforcing its position as a leader in sustainable maritime operations.

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