[Mishap] Collapsed Crane Kills One In Ho Chi Minh Port



Accident: Crane Collapsed in Containership
Vessel Involved: Fortune Navigator, a containership
Location: Ta Thuan port in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Casualties: One Dockworker dead

A gantry crane boom collapsed during the unloading operations at the port.  The crashed crane fell over a group of workers in the port trapping them among wreck.  Several rescue teams along with ambulances were sent to the accident site.  They released the workers from the trap. Unfortunately, one dock worker was found dead among the wreck.  All other workers were in good health condition.

The investigation for the cause of the incident is underway.  The reports reveal that the overloading of the crane might be a cause of the mishap.

The ship also suffered damages with a breach in the hull above the water line.  No injuries were reported to the seamen on board the ship.

Source: Vietnam News