Missing Boaters Found Alive on Oil Rigs – Unbelievable Rescue!


Coast Guard Found the Missing Boaters on Oil Rig

The Coast Guard located the two missing boaters on Wednesday, who were found clinging on two separate oil rigs.


Michael Watkins, 51, and Raymond Jacik, described as boaters, were reported missing Monday and were last seen aboard a white and red 20-foot Larson boat.  The pair left Bayshore Park, Texas, at 7 am Monday and were expected back on dry land six hours later.  As they did not return, their family members informed the coast Galveston County Sheriff’s office.

They were eventually found by the Coast Guard on Wednesday afternoon.  Both the men were found floating just half a mile away from each other – with neither knowing if the other was alive.  They were surviving at sea for 48 hours, by clinging to two separate oil platforms.

USCG pilot Zach Gross said: “ Happened to see him waving a shirt at us.”

According to the Coast Guard pilot who rescued them, they were spotted on the pilot’s final pass of the area.

After their rescue, they were rushed to Ellington Field and put into ambulance.  At Last check, both were found to be in stable condition.

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Source: KHOU


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