Mitsui Engineering (MES) Aims to Clinch 3.8 Million HP in 2016



Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding co., Ltd. (MES; President: Takao Tanaka) is pleased to announce production volume of 181 MAN B&W low-speed diesel engines manufactured at the Tamano Works Machinery Factory (Tamano, Okayama Prefecture) in fiscal 2015, representing for 3.28 million horsepower (results in the previous fiscal year were 181 engines and 3.54 million horsepower).

Since MES formed a technical tie-up with the Denmark-based B&W (now known as MAN Diesel & Turbo) on diesel engines in 1926, it has built a production track record as one of the world’s leading manufacturers, with cumulative horsepower production of over 90 million horsepower.  MES plans production volume of 3.8 million horsepower during the current fiscal year and expects increases due to the production of super-large engines for large container vessels.

In addition, a four-cylinder test engine with 500mm diameter cylinders has been installed at the Tamano Works Machinery Factory and MES is currently developing products aimed at the Tier III NOx restrictions advocated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as well as products that will lead to reduced CO2 emissions.

Moreover, to develop a framework that better meets the demands of the market moving forward, MES plans to make capital investments in super-large engines and gas-fired diesel engines at the Tamano Works Machinery Factory, as well as equipment that accommodates Tier III NOx restrictions.

MES will leverage its track record of orders for gas-fired diesel engines to expand orders moving forward, while continuing its focus on receiving orders for the wide range of engines for bulk carriers, tankers, car carriers, LPG carriers and other vessels.

Past and Planned Production Volume of Mitsui-MAN B&W Low-speed Diesel Engine

FY2008 214 engines, 4.7 million HP
FY2009 218 engines, 4.37 million HP
FY2010 221 engines, 4.18 million HP
FY2011 220 engines, 4.31 million HP
FY2012 187 engines, 3.83 million HP
FY2013 164 engines, 3.57 million HP
FY2014 181 engines, 3.54 million HP
FY2015 181 engines, 3.28 million HP
FY2016 180 engines, 3.8 million HP

*Figures for FY2016 are planned.

Source: MES


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