MOL And Ferry Sunflower Launch Trial Of ‘Berthing Aid System’


Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.and Ferry Sunflower Limited announced their intent to conduct a trial use of the “Berthing Aid System,” which is under development by Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. using the large-scale car ferry Sunflower Gold, which plies the Kobe-Oita route, says an article published on their website.

Improve safety and efficiency

The “Berthing Aid System” measures the exact distance and angle between the hull and the pier, based on information obtained from LiDAR and satellite compasses, and displays the results on multiple screens.

This system was developed to improve the safety and efficiency of berthing operations, which were conventionally conducted visually by crewmembers based on their experience.

Developing and commercialize system

In this trial use, MOL and Ferry Sunflower will verify the usability of the system, such as the ease with which crewmembers can understand the displayed measurement results when looking at the system screen.

The two MOL Group companies also aim to support developing and commercialize a system considering safety from crewmembers’ point of view by exchanging opinions with the ferry captain and crewmembers.

Risk of accidents

The MOL Group continually develops and applies technologies and systems that reduce the risk of accidents and enhances vessel operating safety not only within the group but also throughout the ocean shipping industry.

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Source: MOL


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