MOL Appoints Representatives To Enhance Services In Each Market


Effective from 1st April 2016, MOL will appoint Chief Country Representatives to oversee the operations in Asia and Oceania.


The idea of appointing country representatives helps the group to provide services tailored to customer needs in each market.  The appointment of Chief Country Representatives will help enhance cross-sectional, intra-regional ties throughout the MOL Group.

The Chief Country Representatives were introduced in June 2015.  The following were appointed to oversee their designated regions:

  • Toshiya Konishi (Chief Executive Representative, Americas),
  • Nobuo Ishihara (Chief Executive Representative, Europe, Africa),
  • Toshiyuki Sonobe (Chief Executive Representative, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania) and
  • Mitsujiro Akasaka (Deputy Chief Executive Representative, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania)

The newly appointed Chief Country Representatives will:

  • Enhance business capabilities and promote the MOL brand as the group’s representative in charge of their nation/region.
  • Develop and offer proposals for comprehensive transport services in response to specific needs in national and regional markets.
Nation/region City Chief Country Representative
India Mumbai Yutaka Sakanishi
Indonesia Jakarta Osamu Kawada
Korea Seoul Satoshi Yajima
Myanmar Yangon Tatsuya Ueki
The Philippines Manila Jyunji Sakuma
Thailand Bangkok Hajime Miyabe
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Yasushi Furukawa
Australia Sydney Hiroaki Noma
China Singapore Mitsujiro Akasaka (Deputy Chief Executive Representative,Asia, the Middle East,Oceania) will be concurrently appointed as Chief Executive Representative of the same regions, effective April 1.
Hong Kong

*MOL will allocate a Chief Country Representative in the U.A.E. (Dubai) in June and assign Chief Country Representatives to the Americas, Europe, and Africa as needed.

Source: MOL


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