MOL to Launch Sales of Redesigned, Refined PBCF


Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) announced that its group company MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd. (President: Shugo Aoto; Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will start selling an upgraded version of its energy-saving Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF) (Note 1). MOL Techno-Trade has sold more than 3,100 PBCFs to ship owners all over the world.

The new type of PBCF was jointly developed by MOL, Akishima Laboratories (Mitsui Zosen) Inc. (President: Taiji Maeda; Headquarters: Akishima-shi, Tokyo), and MOL Techno-Trade. The new design enhances propeller thrust and reduces torque thanks to refinements in fin shape and height. Tests of the new type PBCF on vessels in service confirmed an energy savings of around 5% compared to sister vessels not equipped with PBCF. The previous design showed an estimated 3% energy savings. The new PBCF design has already been patented around the world.

The new PBCF is a “Simple and Tough” energy-saving device, which reduces CO2 emissions at the same rate as the fuel savings it generates. The PBCF was also selected as a vessel noise-reduction technology by the Port of Vancouver, Canada’s Eco Action Program. (Note 2) While global environmental protection is in the spotlight today, demand for the new PBCF is increasing not only for its energy-saving performance, but also as an environmentally friendly technology.

The MOL Group will develop the environment and emission-free businesses into one of its future core operations. The group continually promotes environmental conservation in ports and at sea all over the world, and will step up its efforts to ensure safe operation and reduce environmental impact through the “ISHIN NEXT – MOL SMART SHIP Project” (Note 3).

(Note 1) The PBCF was co-developed by MOL, West Japan Fluid Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. (President: Seigo Ishii), and Nakashima-Mitsuwa Propeller Co., Ltd. (President: Motoyoshi Nakashima) (Note 4), and has currently marketed by MOL Tech, and have now been ordered for over 3,100 vessels worldwide.
(Note 2) Press release on February 6, 2017:

“PBCF” Selected for Equipment Designated by Port of Vancouver’s Environmental Program

(Note 3) Press release on November 24, 2016:


(Note 4) The company name in 1987 when PBCF was co-developed was Mikado Propeller Co., Ltd. In 2016, the company was renamed to current name.

The new type of PBCF will be introduced at the international maritime fair “Bari-Ship 2017,” which will be held in Imabari, Japan, starting May 25.

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Source: MOL


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