How are Monitoring Reporting Solutions Impacted by MRV?



One of the highlights of HullPIC 2.0, the hull performance and insight conference in March 2017, is the contribution by Torsten Büssow and Jarle Blomhoff about how monitoring reporting solutions are impacted by MRV.

The conclusion of the two DNV GL experts is that mandatory MRV (monitoring, reporting, verification) requirements can be handled with minimum extra effort if good monitoring tools are already in place (e.g. for purposes of performance monitoring).

The EU’s MRV requirements start taking effect in 2018. IMO follows suit a year later with its Data Collection System (DCS). Under both schemes, ships must collect voyage data, allowing monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions and ship efficiency data. There are similarities, but also significant differences between the two systems, with technical, commercial and legal implications. A harmonization of both systems is complicated by the political processes both in the EU and in IMO. Therefore, at least several years of both systems overlapping have to be expected. IT (information technology) tools for monitoring and reporting will become a practical necessity, creating documentation automatically from a common database of monitored data.

DNV GL supports the industry with a free app for the MRV monitoring plan. The online tool uses fully automatic or fixed values where possible, with simple pull-down menus for standard options to minimize typing work. Once the MRV plan has been prepared, it can be exported (downloaded) as pdf file.

The MRV and DCS schemes will require ship operators to deliver proper, verifiable voyage data. Often, the biggest issue for ship operators with respect to compliance is related to the quality of these data and the record keeping. Here, user-friendly and intelligent software used in voyage recording makes compliance straight-forward.

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Source: DNV GL


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