Monjasa Vessel Assists in Recovery Of Success 9 Off Abidjan

Credit: Teekay Tankers

The missing bunker delivery vessel Success 9 has been recovered in West Africa following a boarding earlier this week, reports Ship & Bunker.

Missing tanker

Singapore’s MPA was informed on Saturday that the vessel had been located off the coast of Abidjan, it said in a statement on its website on Saturday. The tanker had been missing since Monday after being boarded by an unidentified group.

Bunker supplier Monjasa’s tanker the Monjasa Sprinter was involved in the recovery.

“A commercial ship, Monjasa Sprinter, passing by had earlier picked up a distress call from Success 9,” the MPA said.

“The master of Monjasa Sprinter then reported the location of Success 9 to the latter’s Company Security Officer (CSO).

“The CSO updated MPA, who immediately informed the IFC and Monrovia Regional MRCC.

“A Côte d’Ivoire Navy patrol vessel was deployed to confirm and board Success 9.

“All crew, including the Singaporean crew, were safe and in good health. The ship has since safely arrived at Abidjan port.”

The incident follows the capture of marine fuel supplier Monjasa’s tanker the Monjasa Reformer in the region last month. Monjasa’s tanker was subsequently recovered by the Nigerian and French navies after it was abandoned by its captors, but several crew members are thought to have been kidnapped.

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Source: Ship & Bunker


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