More Bunker Tankers Fitted with Mass Flow Meters – MPA



MASS FLOW METER (MFM) technology has been around since the 1950s and has been in use in various industries.  From 2007, news of the technology’s use in the bunkering industry started surfacing.  Now, use of MFMs has gained great acceptance in the marine fuels marketplace.  The MFM technology is known for its ability to measure bunkers accurately while detecting trapped air in the product.

As of now more and more tankers are being fitted with MFM and getting approved by the MPA.  Of the 35 totally approved vessels so far, Estrella, Pearl Jubilee, Armada and Friendship are the latest to be added to the list, according to MPA.

Coriolis flow meter:  

The MFM operates on the Coriolis principle that measures the oscillation frequency or twisting of the measuring tubes in the meter.  The sensors, at the inlet and outlet ends, register the resultant phase shift in the tube’s oscillation geometry and compute the rate of mass flow.

Implementation of MFM system:  

With effect from 1 January 2017, it is mandatory for bunker suppliers to use the MFM system for bunker delivery of Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) in the Port of Singapore.  All existing bunker tankers operating in port must be fitted with an MPA-approved MFM system for MFO delivery in the Port of Singapore by 31 December 2016.  All new bunker tankers applying for Harbour Craft (Bunker Tanker) licence after 31 December 2014 will be required to be fitted with an MPA-approved MFM system for MFO delivery.

An incentive scheme to assist the industry:  

To assist the industry to offset a portion of the cost of the MFM system adoption, MPA will be offering a lump sum incentive of S$80,000 for each existing bunker tanker delivering MFO in the Port of Singapore.  The incentive will be given out upon MPA’s approval of each fitted MFM system.


Extensive trials in the use of MFM system was done since 2011 by the working group of MPA in cooperation and partnership with members from Weights and Measures Office of SPRING Singapore, National Metrology Centre, MPA’s various stakeholders in the bunkering industry Singapore Shipping Association and the International Bunker Industry Association.

Source: MPA