More Safety For Boats Docked In Le Havre

Credits: Alex Duffy/Unsplash

After several months of testing, the dynamic ShoreTension® mooring reinforcement system has been deployed at all Le Havre terminals.

Stability To Moored Ships

This system improves safety and strengthens the stability of ships moored along the quayside by avoiding the surging effects (the back and forth ship’s movement along the quay).  Powered by solar energy, it monitors information in real time and allows the various port players (terminal operators, captains, dockers, pilots and harbor master’s officers) to monitor the tension exerted on the mooring line. In case of abnormal voltage, they receive an automatic SMS allowing them to act.

Effectiveness of Solution

The experiments carried out from September 2021 to January 2023 have demonstrated the effectiveness of the solution:

  • improved berthing behavior in all weather conditions: surge is reduced to less than one meter in all .
  • improvement of the water level alert procedure: it aims to ensure the safety of dockside personnel;
  • reduction of the risk of mooring failure.

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Source: Haropapport



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